Eve Dominion Patch Notes, Siege of Mirkwood, Age of Conan

Today started out good, I have high hopes. Woke up refreshed, checked my inbox to find out I got a Google Wave invite, my NZXT Lexa Blackline’s shipped… yup, good start to the day. Now I just need to figure out whether I want a Core-i5 or a Core-i7 to power my brand new, New Years gaming rig. The Core-i7 would cost a fair few kinah more, but I’m hoping there will be some decent sales over the holidays that see it drop below $250.

Every time there’s an expansion, upgrade or cataclysmic intergalactic scam, I confess I feel tempted to give Eve Online another try, even though I know I’ll end up not liking it (just a little too hardcore for me).

Anyway, the reason I bring this up is that Eve Online: Dominion goes live today (December 1st) and the folks at CCP have been kind enough to put up the Patch Notes, and they’re massive. If you’re itching to get dominatin’, be aware though that CCP’s servers will be down for roughly nineteen hours, and will likely be back up at 21:00GMT. I haven’t decided yet whether I want to give Eve another go, I’m still glued to Dragon Age: Origins for the time being (stuck in The Fade, throwin’ down with a Sloth Demon).

Speakin’ of demons, you know what else launches today? Lord of the Rings: Siege of Mirkwood, that’s what. I have a LotRO account, but I haven’t played in years, I wonder if now’s a good time to re-sub? You’d think they’d throw in a free seven day trial to get folks to come back and see what’s changed in Middle Earth.

Also on the slate for today is some testing for Warhammer Online. Specifically, the War Report goes live on the test server today, the War Report will sniff out nearby action, alert you to it, and take you into the thick of the action (assuming you want to pillage and destroy). Two days later (December 3rd) and some more test server stuff goes live, in this case the graphical improvements and upgrades promised in patch 1.3.3

Star Wars: The Old Republic is gettin’ real, Alderaan‘s been added to list of official planets, Alderaan baby! For those of you not in the know (*shakes head shamefully*) Alderaan was the planet Obi Wan and Senator Bail Organa conspired to hide the infant Leia in order to protect her from Vader/Annakin’s clutches. Yeah, I’m a Trekkie, but I still know my Wars history m’kay? Anyway, as far as I can remember it’s never actually been depicted on screen (though it did get blowed up good n’ proper in A New Hope). There are some gorgeous screens, concept art and short video at the official site, as well as a quick summary of the planet itself, and I’m hoping if any of you play Star Wars Galaxies you can tell me whether or not Alderaan features in that game and, you know…. whether or not it’s any fun.

Have you ever wondered, I mean really wondered what Age of Conan is all about? Well, wonder no more. Funcom continue their month long effort to “relaunch” AoC and get new and old players interested with a nifty little two part overview of the game on their website. The first part, titled “What is Age of Conan“, is a helpful article touching on the games unique selling points, from its “dynamic action-focused combat system” to it’s “extensive solo options”, and its “breathtaking beauty”. If you’re curious about what AoC offers it’s worth a look, though I doubt it’ll offer much more than you can find in say, the Gametrailers review. The second feature, a “How To Play” guide, will likely be more helpful to new players. I’m really curious how well these efforts to attract players are being received, you can only imagine they’d like to build a healthy player base before Rise of the Godslayer hits, because once you launch you first expansion, unless you happen to be called World of Warcraft you’re starting to narrow your player base some.

The last bit of AoC news comes in the way of November’s Letter from the Director. Understandably this one’s not quite as exciting as last months (which introduced us to The Night of Lost Souls) but it does hint at some of the things we’ll be seeing in the 1.06 update, which is scheduled to go live on the test servers some time this week. AoC subscription: $14.99 a month, my sacred dagger: 12 AoC gold, early preview stuff on the test server?… priceless.

In general the World of Warcraft figurines are really pretty, and even though I’m not a massive WoW-head, every time I see one I feel the urge to pick one up. These latest, limited edition man-toys from FigurePrints celebrating WoW’s half decade, continue this tradition, I really dig the way the sculpts mimic the low-poly look of the game itself, rather than try to ape the look of the CG videos or concept art. The first statuette is an “Onyxian Whelpling“,  the second is a specialised sculpt of your character standing victorious atop a slain Onyxia… how cool!? Act quick though, they’re only available through December 31st.

And… that’s it from me. I’m off to forage for some Rowntree’s Fruit Pastilles and see if I can’t finally slay that Sloth Demon (you know, the one that keeps changing into every tough enemy you’ve fought in The Fade up until that point).


- 23 inch Acer 1080p (Full HD) LCD Monitor WITH HDMI… for 149.99. Hugs NewEgg.