WAR Patch 1.3.3 On The Way

Turkey Day might be over but you guys have another reason to give thanks to the guys over at Warhammer Online. I’ve just gathered that the new patch 1.3.3 is coming very soon.

One of the most exciting new features to come with it is the WAR Report, which is essentially a window that provides you a glimpse of the action in other parts of the globe. Not only will this show you a list of current events, but also a means to teleport to the closest warcamp, chapter hub or flight master.

And then there’s the Underdog System. It would be a great help for any underdog faction on a given server as they will be granted a ramping RvR handicap that makes it easier for an under-populated realm to take objectives and cap zones.

Well, now you have something fun to look forward to.

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[Source: MMO Crunch]