Thanksgiving, Dragon Age and Molotov Cocktails

A blog post over Thanksgiving weekend? Impossicant! So you’d think, but yeah, we do indeed love you guys enough to tear ourselves away from ripping into golden brown birds stuffed with… some kinda gooey goodness.

We got our first Christmas cakeĀ  delivered from a family friend at home yesterday, it was dark, and heavy and it smelled great… unfortunately it also contained altogether far to much rum. I hear you, no such thing as too much rum, but this thing would probably make a pretty handy molotov cocktail… cake. I’ll still eat it though.

Pinch me, I must be dreaming. I’m staring at my inbox this morning in disbelief, why? Well because there’s an email from Blizzard inviting me back to Azeroth for a free seven day trial. Yes it’s only seven days, but let’s be clear about something, Blizzard never, never invites subscribers back (well maybe once or twice, but it rarely ever happens). They don’t need to. Turns out it’s all part of World of Warcraft turning five, perhaps I shouldn’t have been so quick to judge in my last blog eh?

*checks outside to make ensure all even toed ungulates are indeed not flying*

Sadly, I don’t need much encouragement to get back to traipsing around Azeroth, grinding, questing and earnin’ wow gold, any little excuse is good ’nuff for me, so I’ll probably take the bait. Oh yeah, and there’s this nifty little special anniversary site they’ve got up that I suppose is going to be updated with more content soonish.

More and more I’m starting to worry about Star Trek Online. I’m sure it’ll be a competent game, but the almost laser-like focus on combat in the build up to launch has me bothered, and this latest community Q&A between Al Rivera senior game designer on STO and the guys at Massively, doesn’t do much to allay my fears:

Lok1: Why is combat so important in STO?

Al Rivera: There are several reasons. We wanted to build an exciting game that appealed to Trek fans and non-Trek fans alike. The epic space battles from Wrath of Khan to the Dominion War of Deep Space 9 offered great gameplay potential. We wanted to create something unique, exciting and decisively Trek – and the tall combat mechanics of Star Trek offered an abundance of all three. But combat is not the only option in STO. There are plenty of exploration, research, gathering and humanitarian opportunities throughout the STO universe.

Of course, the Q&A focuses almost exclusively on Space Combat, so the focus is understandable, but I really wish someone would have asked the simple question, “are there alternatives to combat”, as I’d rather take the other option every time. I want to explore exclusively, or go on medical missions exclusively, basically I never want to be forced to engage in combat unless I really want to.

If you like your space opera more hardcore and capitalist, look no further than Eve Online, CCP’s launched a website and trailer for Eve Online: Dominion. Me? I tried Eve, I just don’t think I’m hardcore enough.

Meanwhile, DC Universe Online seems to look better and better every time I see it. I really hope this project turns out well, I’m happy with the visuals at the moment, now all they need to work on the animation. Their latest batch of screens show off Nightwing, AKA Dick Grayson, who, as regular DC readers will know, should really be masquerading as Batman seeing as how Bruce Wayne is currently just a little dead, but what the heck, I love Nightwing. To have a look at the screens, head on over to the DCUO website and click on the screenshots tab.

Dragon Age: Origins is awesome. I know I said as much in my last blog, but I’d like to reiterate that and offer some quick advice for anyone thinking about picking it up:

  • Direct2Drive has a sale on where you can get Dragon Age: Origins for just $39.99
  • Combat is sort of like a mix of World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XII and Fallout 3. There’s a WoW-like hotbar from where you cast spells initiate attacks and queue your buffs and debuffs, however, there’s also a system much like FFXII’s Gambit system whereby you can design combat strategies for your party members to adopt in battle, of course, you can still control them directly. Like Fallout 3, you can pause combat at any time to queue your attacks.
  • Stock up on potions as early as you can, and at every opportunity, the game is hard and health potions are hard to come by.
  • Hoard your cash. Earning money is hard in DA:O, harder than earning wow gold or Aion Kinah, and much harder than earning aoc gold. You might think you have lots, but good items are generally expensive and difficult to come across when looting.
  • Stone Prisoner and Blood Dragon armor are worth it, you get these free if you buy a new copy, but you have to pay $15 to get these if you buy the game second hand.
  • Keep Morrigan in your party always. She may be annoying, but you’ll need her. If she really gets on your nerves you can just pretend she’s Vala Mal Doran.

Welp, I’m off to get back to Dragon Age and have a slice of Christmas cake. A Happy Thanksgiving to you all from the folks at EpicToon!

Thanksgiving Dessert:

Direct2Drive has Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic available for just 9.99, what better way to pass the time while you wait for The Old Republic.

How about a full free weekend of Champions Online? Just the perfect post Thanksgiving dinner treat, knowing you get to game for free for the rest of the weekend. The free trial started on Thursday 26th at 10:00am PST and lasts until Monday November 30 at 10:00am PST.