The Old Republic, Age of Conan, Aion 1.51 Patch Notes and WoW Turns 5

First off, I apologise if I come across as a little distracted in today’s post. You see, I finally finished the mammoth 15gb Steam download for Dragon Age: Origins yesterday. Since then, I’ve logged in a quite frankly frightening 16 hours of play time. Yes, it’s that addictive. In fact, I’d the combination of Mass Effect and Dragon Age has made Star Wars: The Old Republic easily one of the MMO’s I’m most looking forward to, yes, even more so than Star Trek Online.

Speaking of The Old Republic, we finally know what the last two classes in the game are, thanks to a post and translation from the German magazine PC Games on Kotaku, and a subsequent confirmation from Bioware. Based on the translation, we can surmise that the first of the two classes, the Jedi Counsular can be geared towards a damage or healing role, the Sith Inquisitor meanwhile, is a second-line crowd controlling fighter that makes use of area of effect attacks.

While we’re on the topic of Star Wars based MMO’s, it would seem Star Wars Galaxies is pulling out all the stops to entice players at the moment, probably hopeful to benefit off gamers eagerly awaiting TOR looking for something to play in the mean time. I admit I haven’t played Galaxies in about four years, I don’t even know if I still have my game discs, but I wouldn’t mind giving it a try again, especially since their latest offer is so damn tempting, you get;

  • The original game, Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided
  • The space expansion, Jump to Lightspeed
  • The second expansion, Episode III: Rage of the Wookies (goofy name)
  • The third expansion, The Trials of Obi-Wan
  • In-game bonus item, AT-RT
  • In-game bonus item, Queen Amidala Transport Ship (the big silver one from Episode I: The Phantom Menace)
  • In-game bonus item, General Grievous Wheel Bike (ass seen in Episode III: Revenge of the Sith) two seater for you and a friend, no doubt to impress “teh babes)

Are you ready for the price? $19.95… yup, that’s an absolute steal. You can pick it up digitally from Steam, Direct2Drive, or Lucasarts online store. Sorry old fashioned fogies, no physical media for you!

Remember that art contest Square Enix was holding in honor of Final Fantasy XI’s latest expansion, A Shantotto Ascension? Well it’s over, the art has been judged, and a winner chosen, and Square’s  put up some of the best entries on display, frankly, they’re gorgeous. Don’t believe me? Have a look, worth a few FFXI gil don’t you think? If I’m honest though, I don’t think the picture that won the Crystal Prize is actually the best, I think it’s actually one of the lamest, I really think the Mythril Prize winner (the little diorama) is much nicer and much more inventive. Still, what do I know eh?

Dungeons and Dragons Online is free to play now, folks should give it a try, Turbine would definitely like you to give it a try, as a result their adding a new race, the Drow, to try and get you excited. Me? have no idea who the Drow are, my tabletop RPG knowledge begins and ends with a smattering of sleepless nights in my first year of college playing Mechwarrior in the Comp-Sci room. That said, a quick glance at this info page will tell you they’re a race of Elves (folks are suckers for Elves, so this is a smart move by Turbine). Massively has a gallery of exclusive Drow screenies for you to gawk at should you be so inclined.

Age of Conan is most certainly not free to play (much to my chagrin), however, it is an excellent MMO, and the only thing better than an excellent MMO is a free MMO, and that’s exactly what Giveaway Gamer is offering, you get;

1 free year of Age of Conan (which is awesome considering Rise of the Godslayer is launching next year)

A Mammoth

A Rhino

A Horse Mount

What do you have to do to get all this? Simple, just spread the word about Giveaway Gamer. Yup, that’s it, spread word on the site via Twitter, Facebook, email, smoke signals… whatever, get the deets here, and get goin, this one’s easily worth its weight in AoC gold.

PSA: Dood! Aion patch 1.51 is totally live! Bug fixes, optimisation, tweaks and changes galore that are far too numerous to mention, pore over the 1.51 patch notes here.

So World of Warcraft turns 5 and Blizzard chooses to celebrate on their official website with… nada, nothing, bupkis. Despite this, the internet, well gaming sites anyway, have been all a-twitter my favorite pieces are probably this one on the history of Blizzard and Warcraft by the folks at Kotaku, and this jaunty, much more personal trip down memory lane by the guys at

Welp, that’s it folks, I’m off to sate the need for more Dragon Age.


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