Aion Introduces Holiday Items

A couple more weeks to go before the holiday season kicks in! I know it might be too early for this but have you started shopping or at least coming up with gift ideas?

Well, NCsoft certainly has. Getting into the holiday spirit early, NCsoft announced the Aion Holiday Ascension Pack yesterday. It includes an extra holiday bonus in the form of four gifts to enhance your character and give it some edge. Along with it comes 20 Lesser Life Potions, 15 Lodas Amulets, 15 Lesser Running Scrolls, and a special dye for your character.

Take note that the dye color varies depending on where you purchase your Ascension Pack.

  • Amazon – Hot Orange Dye
  • Best Buy – Mustard Dye
  • Game Stop – True Black Dye
  • Target – True Red Dye
  • Wal-Mart – True White Dye

To know more about Aion, head on over to’s Aion Guides and purchase Aion Kinah to boost your game play.

[Source: Massively]