Aion’s Upcoming Patch 1.5.1 Additions

It has yet to hit servers but Aion has already released details on the new patch 1.5.1. While in the process of finalizing the official date it goes live, they’re putting in additional content for the update.

One of the changes include new repeat quests, which have been added to supplement the difficulty of Craft Skills Test (Elyos) and Proving the Proficiency of Crafting Skill (Asmodians) quests of Level 50 Daevanion quests.

New NPC functions is yet another. For instance, assigned additional guard NPCs can now detect stealth to protect allies in the main villages of Heiron (in Elysea) and Beluslan (in Asmodae). There is also an increased eyesight and stealth detection ability of Mau Warriors and Mau Hunters, the NPC guards assigned to the Silver Mane Village.

It’s good to note that the reward system is still very much integrated in the form of contribution decorations you’ll be receiving in exchange for successfully defending a fortress under the control of your Legion.’s got Aion Guides so you could learn more about Aion and Aion Kinah to get you ahead of the game.

[Source: Aion Online]