Warcraft’s New Pet Store, EverQuest II and More Mirkwood

I’m fidgety and impatient right now.

You see, I just ordered a brand new BFG GTX 260 (only 160 Aion Kinah!), in large part because I want to drown myself in the beauty of DirectX 10 Age of Conan goodness, it’s not like I actually need a new card, I just want one. But now I’ve got to wait till Monday till it arrives, as any geek knows, any amount of time you have to wait for new hardware is an eternity.

I’m refreshing the “track package” feature on Amazon every twenty minutes and I kind of just want to yell at the postman, “move faster!!” I expect in the future the “track package” feature will be tied to Google Earth or something and you’ll actually be able to see the postman’s van move along in real time using some combination of voodoo and GPS. Possibly some enterprising indie developer will create a game where you can unleash a virtual pekingese on the postman’s van to speed him up, maybe said postman would even be named Pat. Yes, I’ve thought about this a lot.


Are you okay with Blizzard launching the new pet store? Because I’m not, maybe folks who were groomed on paying for the trading cards don’t mind it so much, but the idea of paying ten real world dollars for a lame virtual pet strikes me as something of a ripoff. When I first read the news I was sure there must have been some mistake, a typo or something, perhaps they meant $1, surely? No, you’ll have to cough up ten bones for the luxury of spending time gazing into the dead eyes of one of Blizzard’s “unique companion pets”. Frankly, I’ll be voting with my wallet, there are better things I can spend my cash on like, oh I dunno, more game time? Pet Store FAQ link is right here if want the sordid deets. I would however, be willing to cough up some bills for one or two of those sweet looking new action figures.

Oh yeah, quick reminder guys, November 11th cometh, and you best have a battle.net account lest the Lich King smiteth thee. And goodness gracious, would you look here, a brand new Tier 10 armor set preview, why thank you Blizzard, that goes down much better than the Pet Store, more please!


Proving that they want you to part with your moolah just as much as Blizzard, NCsoft have announced that official Aion apparel is now available, and you’ll need to cough up more than just a few Kinah to get one of these fancy shirts.

On the gaming side of things it’s good to see that the game is still in the top ten (if only barely) of both major digital distributors charts in its second month of availability. We’re still waiting on that first major patch to hit though.

For stuff you don’t need to shell out any Aion Kinah, or wow gold for though (or even any real money for that manner), look no further than Free Realms,  which will be getting a massive new injection of content in time for the holidays. SOE are looking to add a new job, new job structure, new pets, new player housing (and more) all by mid-December. I’d give you a direct link but the Free Realms homepage is suddenly on the fritz, so you’ll have to make do with this.

Also due for release in December is the LotRO expansion, Siege of Mirkwood, and Turbine have released another new set of screenshots showing off the Ashenslades region. I’ve always thought Lord of the Rings Online had the coolest name abbreviation, especially if you rrrrrrroll the “R” in LoTrrrrrrrrrO!

Ahem! If you are in fact on the edge of your seat and can’t wait for Mirkwood to hit, allow me to twist the knife by presenting this MMORG.com interview with Turbine’s Jefferey Steefel and Aaron Campbell, it covers the new Skirmish system, Mirkwood’s size in relation to Mines of Moria, and more.

Now, usually on this blog I harp on about Age of Conan and wax lyrical about how great it is, about how all the changes made in the past year have made it a much better game than it was at launch, but for a change I stumbled across a similar article that takes a look at EverQuest II from a noobs point of view. I must admit that despite being extremely excited every time I start a new character in EQ II, I just never get very far. Maybe I should dust the old girl off and give her another go?

And finally, because it’s getting to be that no EpicToon blog post would be complete without at least a morsel of Star Trek Online info, I bestow upon thee, these new screenshots, and this new video.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off here as I’ve got a postman’s demise to plot and a Motorstorm: Arctic Edge demo to download.



– The Prince of Persia: Sands of Time movie trailer, which looks, rather remarkably, exactly like the videogame…. in a good way!

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