Aion Veteran Points, LotRO Veteran Points, and Final Fantasy XI

Ahoy there dudes and dudettes! Hope y’all had a spookeriffic Halloween, with lots of candy, chocolates, and of course, tons of blooooood! As it is I’m currently enduring a sort of mini-MMO withdrawal, it’s not my credit card this time, it’s my darn internet connection, which has been on the fritz for several days now. I need to download the latest Age of Conan patch 1.5.7, (the one with The Night of Lost Souls) but for some reason my download speeds are around 1.5kb/s. I am assured by the lady with the pleasant voice at customer service that this will be rectified tomorrow. If not I shall don my werewolf costume and go down there just to scare ‘em a little.

While we’re on the subject of Age of Conan, I might as well let you folks know that the October issue of the “Letter from the Director” is up for your perusal. It’s not exactly enthralling reading, but that may be because it’s covering pretty much everything we knew was coming last month, like the Veteran Rewards System, Recruit-a-Friend, Followers of Asura, Night of the Lost Souls and patch 1.5.6. There’s only the merest hint at what’s coming in the next content patch, but I’ll bet you 50 AoC gold it ain’t DirectX 10 client improvements!

Random fact: You can’t tell but I just went missing for like 20 minutes trying to figure out what my (admittedly measly) 24 veteran points will net me. I was unable to find out, you’d think they’d make that easy to find. Guess I have to hit up the Quartermaster in Khemi to find out.

Right, Aion veteran points! Yes, Aion’s the latest MMO to try to hook you into a loyalty program, but hey, do you really care?No, and if I’m honest, neither do I! Here’s a taste of what the Aion’s Veteran Rewards offer:

Month 1: Pop Daeva

  • Expand Cube Ticket
  • Pop Legend Emote
  • 4 Lodas Amulets
  • 4 Revival Stones

You jumped into Aion and are off exploring the visually stunning world of Atreia. To help you along your travels, we will give you four Lodas Amulets, four Revival Stones, an exclusive Pop Legend emote, and an Expand Cube ticket.

Month 2: Honored Daeva

  • 4 Lodas Amulets
  • 4 Revival Stones

This month, we will give you four more Lodas Amulets and Revival Stones to fortify you against the challenges ahead. Good luck! Atreia is counting on you.

Of course there’s tons more stuff, culminating at 6 months. You can get the details on the rewards and eligibility here.

I hear what you’re saying, “but Chris, if there’s a new rewards system, surely there must be a new patch in the works?” and you’d be right, full notes on Aion patch here.

Since we’re on the topic, methinks we might as well get all this rewards business out of the way, this time our attention turns to Lord of the Rings Online, specifically, the Siege of Mirkwood expansion. If you’re eager to find out exactly how they’re going to work in SoM, look no further.

Guess what? There’s a new batch of Star Trek Online screens. I’m trying to remember the last time an MMO had a similar media blitz, I mean like interviews and or screens and previews every other week, and I’m failing to come up with anything, I just hope this game plays at least somewhat like the excellent Star Trek: Bridge Commander. This latest batch of screens are exclusive to Massively.

In further STO news, some folks who managed to wrangle a demo of the game at the recent Eurogamer Expo ’09, and came away with some fairly positive impressions. Essentially Trekkies are advised to put the bat’leth’s away as the game captures the essence of Roddenberry’s creation. I suspect most will find the preview rather boring, but for guys likeĀ  me, it’s torture not to be in on the beta already.

I almost gave this post the headline “we’re not in Kansas anymore, Shantotto”, but decided against it because it was lame and didn’t really make much sense, but if you’re a Final Fantasy XI fan, no doubt you’re eager for news about FFXI’s next add-on, A Shantotto Ascension. The good news is the release date is still set for November 9th, the better news is that there’s a brand new trailer right here to get you hyped up. Now if that isn’t worth its weight in FFXI gil, then er, I dunno what is.

And just like that, I’m outtie five thousand. Time to get off and not play Age of Conan since my internet is crappy, and not play Uncharted 2 since my PlayStation 3 packed up and the new one doesn’t arrive till Sunday. I suppose I’ll have to bury my head in a book. I have an anthology of Weird Tales I’ve been meaning to get to…


Arsenal F.C thrashed Tottenham 3-0 over the weekend, what could be better dessert?