Champions Online: Blood Moon, Age of Conan and Aion

Crikey! I’ve started this sentence five times already, but I can’t quite find the right combination of words to express how sleepy I am right now. Ever slept so hard that you wake up and realise you slept on your leg, and there’s NO feeling left in it, at ALL? You wake up sort of confused and in a bit of a daze, and then you try to get out of bed and… THUD! You’re in a heap on the floor, wondering why it is your body has decided to rebel so spectacularly.

To top it all off, my newly fixed PlayStation 3 decided it had had enough of me and just up and YLODed, so much for my morning romp in Oblivion.

Still, dead leg or not, the show must go on. Considering the situation with the leg, Bizzarro would seem to be an appropriate place to start. SOE have unleashed a new set of screens for DC Universe Online showing Superman’s better half off in all his off kilter glory. [Just go here and click on the “screenshots” tab to see them, you also get a peek at ol’ Solomon Grundy.]

You know I’m really worried about DCUO, I want it to be as amazingly great and true to the characters depicted as say, Batman: Arkham Asylum, but I just know it won’t be. It looks like it’s going to be something more like a Marvel Ultimate Alliance (part one), the animation looks janky, combat looks sorta boring, and the physics and character designs look a little lame. Fingers crossed though.

Why is it that everyone who plays Age of Conan on a PvP server seems to think that just because you can attack strangers in the wilderness means you must? Several times this weekend I was wandering the desert wastes between Babshur and Khopshef Province, minding my own business and hunting hyena, when every now and again I’d run across some dude who would just decide to gank me out of blue. I mean I know know it’s a Conan game, but really?

Anyway, if you’re looking to experience what I’m talking about first hand and become either ganker or gankee, now’s as good a time as any to hop on board the AoC train, especially since Funcom have just slashed the subscription rates on their long term plans. You can get a three month, six month and twelve month subscriptions at 20, 30 and 45 per cent off, not bad eh? Save more munny, have more time to rake in the AoC gold.

Guess, what? Star Trek Online news! Screenshots, trailers, gameplay details, closed beta’s, needless to say things are really hotting up…is that term still in wide use or am I showing my internet hermit-age? I’ll go for, “baby’s on the half tip”.  Not only will Cryptic be at this year’s Eurogamer Expo, they’ll be bringin’ Trek along with them, and even better they’ll let you get your hands on the Enterprises ample nacelles. Alright, maybe not the Enterprise, but you will be able to get your hands on the game, which is great news for those of us who didn’t get into the beta.

If you can’t get to the expo, welcome to my world, you’ll have to make do with brand new trailer from Gamevideos. Mmm… T’Pol.. Ahem!

Before we leave the wonderful world of Trek, there’s a pretty in-depth, fan driven Q&A session with STO executive producer Craig Gesundheit right here.

Yes, I hear what you’re saying, you’re not a Trekkie, that’s okay, we can’t all be uber-cool. For the rest of you Cryptic’s arranging a free trial of Champions Online, the Blood Moon promotional weekend seeks to give cape and cowl lovers their chance to download and play the super-hero sim from October 30th to November 2nd. I’d moan something about the fact that free trials should always be available (like Eve Online), but I suppose one shouldn’t look a Greek horse in the mouse… or something along those lines. You can sign up and begin downloading the Champions Online client right here. Who doesn’t like free stuff?

While we’re on the subject of free stuff, let’s just admit the only reason we sign up to play MMo betas in the first place is to get some free game time, it has nothing to do with “helping the developers build the best game they can”, as you might fill in that little form during the sign up process…. which you might have to do fill over again if you entered your Star Wars The Old Republic beta application details using a 64 bit version of Internet Explorer on a 64 but version of Windows. Details here, damn you Bill Gaaaaaaaates! Damn you to hell!

In other news, Massively’s put together a pretty nifty look back at Aion’s first month. It’s useful if you’re still on the fence as they do a good job of going into detail regarding Aion’s pros and cons, there are also some pretty pictures if you needed reminding that Aion’s a gorgeous game.

Random thought: How come Blizzard couldn’t get someone cooler looking to model their World of Warcraft Blood Elf  Halloween masks? Maybe it’s just the 80’s hair, the blank stare and slack jaw, but dude looks like he’s got a little cro-magnon* in him.

Now, if that was geeky enough to get your heart racing you’ll no doubt also find the sneak peek pages of WoW comic #24 even more appealing… or maybe not.

Alright folks, I’m outtie-five-thousand. I hate to love ya and leave ya, but I think I’m gonna do some push-ups, sit-ups, some squats…. ah who am I kiddin’, I’m gonna go straight back to bed. Ciao!


The Home Shopping Network and Wii Tennis, what could go wrong?

(1) Apologies to any cro-magnon’s reading this, no offence was meant.