Age of Conan’s Iron Tower, Aion Sales and Fallen Earth

There’s not much worse than waking up sick is there? It’s like sickness just up and decides to jump you, one minute you’re asleep, everything’s groovy, the next you wake up and you’re like, “who’s doing the drums in my head?” “Why does my throat feel like used sandpaper?” At least if you’re awake you can feel the symptoms coming and medicate accordingly, there ought to be a Geneva conventions for sickness. As it is right now the only thing keeping me upright is a stiff mug of hot coffee, and by stiff I mean more coffee grounds than water.

Still, as a wise man once said, time, tide and buttered eggs wait for no man, so I should probably quit whining and fling myself headlong into what actually looks like a fairly beautiful Friday morning outside.

I suppose we should start in a manner that’s quickly becoming routine around these parts, i.e. talking about Star Trek Online. It looks like the closed beta is now up and running, so if you applied remember to check your emails, no, I didn’t get in either. Don’t fret though, we’re assured by Cryptic that just because we haven’t been called up yet doesn’t mean we won’t be, as they’ll be continuing to add to their closed beta tester ranks in waves.

If  you haven’t applied but like me are itching for a chance to get into the beta (or secretly hoping to get in some free game time… let’s be honest here), then you can still head on over to the application page to fill out the form.

To ease your wait there’s a brand new five page preview over at Altern8. Curiously, it lists STO’s publisher as Namco Bandai Partners, rather than Atari. Weird.

On another topic entirely, well, it looks like many of you are continuing to purchase NCsoft’s Aion in massive numbers. The regular and collectors editions of the game claimed the first and fifth spots respectively in the September NPD’s, which track videogame sales data, a development which has no doubt left Aion designer Yongchan Jee pleasantly stroking his furry white cat whilst staring contentedly at a bank of video screens monitoring in-game action. Maybe I made that last bit up.

Elsewhere Massively have kindly created a third entry in their helpful “Five Quick Tips for Aion” series, may they long continue.

You know what sucks about playing multiple MMO’s at once? When you’ve neglected one for just a little bit too long and completely forget the control scheme and gameplay  mechanisms. It can take a couple of hours to get back into the swing of things, this happened to me this week when I started playing WoW again after a long period of Age of Conan-ness.

Speaking of Age of Conan,’s got a feature on the Iron Tower, the upcoming level 78-80 play area in Tarantia Commons that’s due to hit with patch 5.6. The article quickly goes over the tower’s basic structure and layout, as well as gives an overview of some of the bosses you’ll be fighting and loot you’ll be able to earn. It closes with the promise of even more free content coming soon to AoC. It’s a neat little preview and there’s a sister interview you can have a look at here, but I have to wonder if these sorts of previews don’t kinda spoil the experience. I mean we learn so much about the bosses and the loot, it seems like it kinda takes the shine off exploring the area yourself.

From one Funcom MMO, to another, you, I’m talkin’ bout The Secret World. The awkwardly named, (Universal Gaming Database) scored an interview with (the awesomely named) Ragnar Tornquist, director and producer on The Secret World. There are no new screenshots, but there’s some concept art I’ve never seen before (warning – necro-boobies at link). The game is definitely going to end up rated M for Mature. The interview covers storyline, combat, and general gameplay systems, as well as some details on the game’s three factions, the Illuminati, the Dragon and the Templar.

Pardon me if I’m not quite giving this next news item its due, but I’ve already sat two different relatives wedding’s this week and I’m all weddinged out. It would appear that Final Fantasy XI is making its previously somewhat convoluted in-game wedding process a tad more streamlined and easier to use, at least if this announcement page is to be believed. If I’m honest it’s a little depressing to find out that even organising an in-game wedding is, or was, a tedious process, I mean aren’t games supposed to be, you know, fun?

And because there’s no easy way to segue into this, here’s a bunch of new Siege of Mirkwood screenshots. Hopefully we’ll continue to get a steady stream as we lead up to the game’s December release.

I have to admit I’ve been mildly interested in the post-apocalyptic MMO, Fallen Earth, not least because of its visual resemblance to Bethesda’s Fallout 3. That said, if you’ve heard me talk about it previously, you’ll know I harbor serious reservations about the game’s quality, reservations with, if this review is anything to go by, have been fully justified. *strikes one off the buy-list*.

Ugh, is World of Warcraft patch 3.3 here yet!? As I mentioned earlier I recently put aside AoC to log back into WoW, but I think I might be reversing that next week as I continue to wait impatiently for the new WoW patch. This wait is not made any easier by the release of new sneak peek images of Tier 10 Armor sets coming with patch 3.3. And yeah, I won’t be able to use them since my warrior is a lowly level 25, but still, it’s nice to know the game’s being kept nice and fresh.

Now, you can be cynical and say that the World of Warcraft comic splitting into two distinct books, World of Warcraft: Alliance, and World or Warcraft: Horde, is purely a money grabbing opportunity (and you’d probably be right), or you could just say it’s Blizzard better tailoring their products to the fan base, it’s your call. Personally I think the quality of the artwork in the series has kind of nosedived of late, but maybe that’s just me.

Anyway, that’s it for me, I would say it’s time for you lot to push off, but that’d be rude, so instead I’ll say, EXCELSIOR!


Prince of Persia movie pitch trailer. Yes, I realise that last sentence is confusing, it’ll all make sense at the link.