All Points Bulletin Beta, Aion’s Harvest Revel, and FFXIV

Mmm! Bagels and marmalade, and nice steaming cup of tea. There are few better ways to start the day. I must confess I had a good gaming weekend, now that my debit card is back in working order I wandered through Hyborea, specifically the area around Khemi, Khopshef Province, The Souk and The Purple Lotus Swamp. I’m trying to decide what tradeskills to pick up, but if I’m honest I’m a little bewildered. It doesn’t need to be something that rakes in the AoC gold, just something fun. Many thanks to Dave here at EpicToon HQ for having my back when I was being continually ganked by a spawn camper just outside Bubshur House.

I also managed to finish Resistance 2 last night, which was devilishly difficult. I got into the MAG beta but was put off by the ludicrously large three gigabyte patch, however, it looks like the download’s just about done so I think I’ll hop into that a little later this afternoon.

Anyway, if you’re getting sick of hearing about Star Trek Online… well deal with it, because the steady stream of news out of Cryptic shows absolutely no signs of slowing down. Confirming what those of us waiting expectantly for the game already knew, STO executive producer Craig Zinkievich (gesundheit!) has reiterated that the MMO will be released in the first quarter of 2010.

Without giving you the date, which I’m not allowed to give out or else the marketing people will come and smack me in the back of the head, I can tell you that the game will be out first quarter of 2010.

The closed beta is really just right around the corner. I think that there’s a press release that’s going out in just a couple of days.

I’m crossing my fingers but not holding my breath, I never seem to be able to weasel my way into MMO betas. If you’re on the fence about STO, or heck, don’t even know what it’s about, you might want to read this extensive preview put together following Gamescom this year. Got all that? Good. If you’ve still got burning questions about the game, specifically with regards to player progression, hey, you’re in luck, there’s an upcoming dev chat you can be a part of in just a couple of hours!

(Bonus link to an article that only Trekkies and MMO historians will really care about)

Ahem, okay, enough Trek, let’s talk Star Wars! I have to admit I was filled with a sense of excitement when I saw this item, which was quickly followed by crushing disappointment when it registered in my brain that the interview was about player housing in Star Wars Galaxies, not The Old Republic. Not that there’s anything wrong with Galaxies, I’m sure the two of you enjoy it quite a bit.

Speaking of The Old Republic, Bioware’s announced and released the first screenshots and concept art for a new planet, Balmorra. I seem to remember hearing the name mentioned in one of the prequel trilogy films, but it doesn’t look familiar.

And from Sci fi, we move straight on to fantasy. Aion community manager, Sebastian “Ayase” Streiffert has posted the first of what will be a regular series of communiques between the Aion development staff and its healthy subscriber base.You can check out maiden edition of the cleverly named “Eye on Community” right here.

Speaking of the Aion community,  we’ve got details of the first seasonal event, the Harvest Revel, which sounds very sexy but so far only issues the vague promise of “tasty treats”, which is kinda unfair because it makes me hungry for candy, but I’ll take some exclusive trinkets anyway :)

If it’s not treats then its certainly tricks as the beta for Grand Thefta Auto-alike MMO, All Points Bulletin recently kicked off. If any of you are already racing around shootin’ stuff and driving off bridges, I’m curious what your thoughts are on the game. If you’re not yet gallivanting about like a homicidal maniac, then you’ve still got a chance as they’re curiously still accepting beta applications (why not just let more folks in from the first round of applications? I applied, and I’m not in yet, let me in!)

Quick note on the EU launch for Siege of Mirkwood, it’s been announced that our friends in yuropland can get their mitts on it on December 3rd, which is just two days after the North American launch. Not too bad right? Still, you have to wonder why they can’t just launch the thing day and date.

The bad news for players of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XI is that development on Final Fantasy XIV seems to be coming along swimmingly, and while it might look kinda like FFXI, it most definitely isn’t. At least that’s what I’ve been able to gather from this interview over at FFXIV Core. It covers a fair amount of ground, from noob friendliness, to guilds, to non-flying and a lot of stuff in between.

It’s been a little bit since we last heard or saw anything from Funcom’s Rise of the Godslayer, the first expansion to the excellent, excellent, Age of Conan, so it’s nice to see these fresh screenshots pop up. I just wish there were more of them. Come to think of it, how about some screenshots of the Iron Tower?

Alas the time has come once again for us to part company. I think I shall have one more cup of tea and then see what MAG is all about. Before I depart though, I’ll leave you with this World of Warcraft tidbit, on October 22nd, at 3pm PDT you’ll have a chance to sit down and chat with WoW’s director of production and game director, be sure to pelt them with questions about WoW Patch 3.3

Unfortunately, you’ll need a twitter account to do so. The chat takes place on the World of Warcraft twitter page, which curiously has “only” 32,000 followers. I mean, Ashton Kutcher has over a million last I heard.

Welp, that’s it for me, it’s bagel time, baby!


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