The Secret World Beta, Aion GM Support, and More Star Trek Online

Would you really hold it against me if you didn’t get a blog today? I mean I just (finally) got my new debit card in the mail this morning… literally minutes ago, and my first instinct is to race over to my gaming rig, fire it up and dive into Age of Conan for the rest of the day. But I shall persevere. I shall refrain from the urge to pillage, burn, rip, tear, pole-axe, woo, disembowel, gouge and make mad AoC Gold for at least another hour while I write this latest post.

How about we kick things off with an opportunity to win some free stuff, seems like a decent way to start the day I reckon? SOE have teamed up with Pat, of Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist fame to give away a staggering twenty Station Access passes, each valid for a generous six months! Head on over to Pat’s for the contest details, enter your email address, and pray everyone elses gets lost in the ether.

Dark days are coming. No, really, it’s starting to cloud over outside and it looks like I’m in for a bit of a rumble, I might have to bring the cats in. Ahem! Eagle eyed readers, and subscribers to Funcom’s newsletter will no doubt have noticed a mysterious looking missive in their inboxes, prompting them to “Discover a Secret World”, by entering into the beta for Funcom’s upcoming MMO, The Secret World.

You’re encouraged to take a ten question profiling test (don’t worry, it’s multiple choice) which will then recommend one of the game’s three factions, The Illuminati, The Dragon and The Templar. I got the Dragon, though I dunno that I’ll be playing as that come launch, I’m sort of more drawn to the Templars. I am curious how you guys do though, you can take the test here.

The MMO-centric inbox madness continues with the reminder from Turbine that Lord of the Rings Online will be like, totally free to play for all of a week, running from the 15th (whaaaa!? That’s YESTERDAY!) all the way till the 21st of this month. Returning players will also benefit from a 25% XP boost, be able to grab the first expansion, Mines of Moria for a tenner, and get s special Siege of Mirkwood early offer, that’s like, a lot of stuff! I’m sort of tempted to reinstall my copy now, if only to see how far the game’s come since I last logged on, but… you know… lazy.

Speaking of mirky wood, Turbine have released the first Siege of Mirkwood trailer, it’s full of sex and violence, and if you believe that, well ha! (You do get a sexy Galadriel voice over with a dodgy accent though).

Going one step further than a mere trailer, Square Enix are releasing a whole game. Sure Final Fantasy XI has been available for years, but never as an “Ultimate Collection“, which includes pretty much every update and add-on ever released for the game… ever! Even better is the noob-friendly price point of just twenty bones. You might wonder how much mileage you’ll get out of the game what with Final Fantasy XIV due next year, but at just $20 it’ll be hard for FF-fans and MMO gamers in general to pass up methinks.

It might be the tiniest snippet of news, but its importance and Aion’s popularity of late meant I felt obligated to put this in the headline; 24/7 GM support for Aion will be coming “very soon” at least if  Aion community manager, Lani Blazier’s twitter account is to be believed. You can put down the pitchforks now.

I cannot tell a lie, the Trekkie in me let out a little bit of a girlish squeal, and I got shivers when I saw this latest Star Trek Online timeline video from Cryptic. It’s the first moving footage of the game we’ve seen since the very first trailer reveal way back when, and it looks awesome. If you’re not a Trekkie, don’t be put off by the term “timeline video”, while it does delve into Trek lore there’s plenty of in-game footage to entertain you as well.

Further proof the folks at Cryptic know the difference between a hypo-spray and a bio-neural gel-pack can be found in this short but sweet preview over at GameShark. More and more it’s looking like Cryptic might have a hit on their hands.

Considering the relatively smooth and painless development of STO (under Cryptic at least) you can’t help but feel a little sorry for Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment and its continuously struggling Stargate Worlds MMO. As a fan of both franchises it’d be great to have the opportunity to play both, but if I’m honest, SGW has never really looked that promising.

While we’re on the topic of MMO’s based on massively popular sci-fi franchises, I suppose now’s as good a time as any to link to this forum post outlining the patch notes for Star Wars Galaxies Game Update 14 – Death Troopers. You have to wonder why it’s taken so long to merge zombies and the Star Wars license.

Welp, that’s it for me, I’m off to watch a DVR’d episode of Stargate Universe *pushes glasses further up nose*.


Super creepy Tauntaun sleeping bag is creepy. Especially cus the dead, disemboweled tauntaun appears curiously non-plussed.

P.S. Remember to merge your World of Warcraft accounts with a new or existing account! Blizzard’s mandating that this needs to be done by November 11!