Star Trek Online, Age of Conan Patch News, and Fallen Earth

Ugh, got a real belter of a headache this morning, I think I may have over-celebrated Arsenal’s emphatic 6-2 win over Blackburn Rovers this past weekend. Got a pot of coffee on the boil though, and some cinnabuns in the oven.  All in all it seems like a perfect Tuesday, especially since Monday started with my bank calling me to tell me some greedy little weasel somewhere had stolen my credit card information and attempted to make “high dollar purchases off the Apple Store”. Jokes on you buddy, I don’t have any money, Arf!

I’ll kick off this weeks post with a bit of multiplatform madness to warm the cockles of  PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 gamers with this stunning trailer for Activision Blizzard’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. I have to admit I was a bit underwhelmed with the first Modern Warfare, it was a great game for sure, but I think some of the praise was perhaps a little over the top, and I’ve never felt as though the series had a strong narrative spine. That said, this trailer does look absolutely jaw dropping.

Remember Fallen Earth, that post apocalyptic MMO that came in third on the Digital Distribution sales lists I highlighted last week? Well, curious about whether it was actually any good or not, I figured I’d do some more research (basically just watching a bunch of lifeless Youtube videos). When I couldn’t take the heavy metal any more I did some reading, and came across a pre-review on… which wasn’t helpful. Frankly it sounds like it was written by someone who’s never played an FPS before, behold:

Combat in Fallen Earth takes a certain amount of skill to master. There’s no sticky targeting or auto-targeting. Players must use the aiming devices of their weapons in order to target an opponent. When equipping a weapon the game takes on a whole new dynamic. The aiming device will appear and a whole new set maneuvering [sic] is required (ducking, sidestepping, etc). Players need to maneuver the aiming device on the target in order to hit them. No great feat for stationary targets, but when the player and their target are both moving it gets a little crazy. Quite a few times I found my eyes blurring as I tried to keep up with the action around me. Fans of fast paced motor skilled based combat system [sic] will not be disappointed.

If you feel you can brave the rest of the article, you’ll find it here. In truth though it’s a blandly written preview that does little shed light on the game and whether or not it’s worth your time (it makes it sound extremely generic, which may be the case). If you’re looking for more information, there’s another article, this time an interview with Fallen Earth Project Director Colin Dwan.

If you’re one of the many that apparently picked up a copy of Fallen Earth, I’d like to hear from you in the comments. I haven’t tried the game myself so it’s impossible to pass judgment, but it hasn’t exactly presented the best foot forward.

Goooooooooooaaal! Gol! Gol! Gol! is what I yelled when I got the press release from SOE about Free Realms’ newest minigame addition, Goal Time.  Regular readers know of my ongoing love affair with Free Realms (it’s free, and good, that helps too.)

I admit I haven’t actually had the chance to play Goal Time yet, I tried just before writing this article but the Free Realms client kept crashing Chrome, I’ll have to give it a go a after breakfast methinks. Anyway, you can play 3 on 3 Goal Time games for free by choosing the Soccer Star job class, up until level 5, it becomes a members only game after that though (boo! hiss!) However, the tutorial still remains free to play for all.

Here’s a list of features for this minigame update:

  • 20 brand new quests
  • Play 3 on 3 with friends or in one of 15 scenarios against Free Realms’ finest AI teams
  • 6 full sets of soccer clothes and gear with various tints [why are they wearing helmets though?]
  • 3 themed background fields to play on
  • Charge up skills with various accessories and shards [ka-me-ha-meeeee!!]
  • Grab boosts on the field to increase speed and toughness
  • Soccer trainer is located south of Snowhill [how is this a feature!?]
  • Play the soccer tutorial; it’s always available [by your command]

There’s also a glut of screenshots for your perusal right here.

The Borg are back baby! Cryptic Studios was kind enough to share five new screenshots of Star Trek Online with the guys at Massively, who were in turn kind enough not to horde them, you can see them here. Needless to say the game really looks to be coming along quite nicely, Cryptic must realise that Star Trek is the hottest license they have at the moment. Cool shot of a Borg drone as well, they always looked like men in suits on the TV show (cus they were men in suits, durr!) but this fellows emaciated appearance takes advantage avoids that stigma.

In addition to a bunch a’ screens, Cryptic also made available the full list of  player controlled Federation ships in the game. It’s a shame there are no screenshots accompanying the list, but you can have a look at the ships of the line here. Personally I’m curious about the science vessels, so I can’t wait for more information on them.

Age of Conan community manager, Oliver Kunz (Tarib on the AoC forums) has laid out the tentative plans for the roll out of the next couple of patches gamers can expect to see go live:

1.05.6 is on the test server at the moment and we are going through the testing for the veterans system and the new Iron Tower instance. The current plan is for the update to most likely have another two weeks on the test servers before launching on the live servers (testing permitting of course!)

Then the 1.06 update will roll on to the test servers. We are currently aiming for testing the Guild Renown system and the tier three raids in the first phase of 1.06. It is most likely that 1.06 will be treated in a cycle in the same manner that we did with 1.04 and 1.05 with the key new feature coming first, the the subsequent updates also containing new content. our focus as soon as 1.05.6 is done will be first on testing the new raids and testing the guild renown before moving on to other features.

I would love to give the Iron Tower a run myself, but I have to wait 7-10 days for my new credit card to arrive (thanks again to the greedy little loser who stole my old card info!)

Anyway, I’d better get off here, the coffee is getting cold and those cinnabuns ain’t getting any younger. Before I go though, I’ll leave you with two bits of Aion news.

First, is this exclusive interview conducted by the guys at Aion Source with Aion Lead Designer Jongchan Jee. It covers a bunch of things from the introduction of Spiritmaster pet flight in order to make them more useful in The Abyss, to reviewing support for Direct X 10, to the possibility of seeing swimming as part of the game and… well, lots more. It’s pretty extensive.

Secondly, there’s the first “State of the Game” post on the official Aion website. Apart from patting themselves on the back for a successful launch, it also covers most of the internal goings on since the game’s launch, and promises that they did everything possible to try and avoid the server problems experienced at launch. Essentially it’s your fault for playing so much!

Alright, that’s it from me, I’m off to have some breakfast and catch a Tivo of Match of the Day.


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