New Aion Patch 1.5 Shadow of the Balaur Trailer

Aion Kinah is coming to EpicToon soon! Check out the latest Aion trailer:

Here’s Aion’s patch 1.5 trailer – Shadow of the Balaur. has released a translation of the patch notes and here are just some of the changes:

– 12 new instances added
– New Battleground – Dreadgion
– Heroic item grade level added
– New set items added
– New conversion recipes added
– New costumes added

For the full patch notes, click the link below. Once Aion goes live in the US and EU, it will already have patch 1.5 added, giving us westerners more content to start with. We’ll keep you updated as Aion draws near.

Aion 1.5 Patch notes at AionSource