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About ArcheAge

Dedicated fans of MMORPGs everywhere are thoroughly enjoying ArcheAge, which features a lot of fresh new ideas, content and unique forms of MMO gameplay. ArcheAge is made by developer XL Games, creators of the acclaimed Lineage series, and is published in North America by Trion, the developer of another beloved MMORPG, Rift. If you love ArcheAge, buy cheap Archeage gold today from EpicToon to get the most out of your game!

The Lore

The storyline is based on The ArcheAge Chronicles, written by Min-Hee Jeon, a renowned Korean fantasy writer. ArcheAge is a sandbox game, which means that there will be a ton of freedom given to the player and the political boundaries of the world will be in a constant state of upheaval and change. You'll need to keep your wits about you, level up quickly, and ensure you have the best weapons and gear AA gold can buy.


Harani: Harani are hard-line survivalists who believe that victory must be obtained at all costs, regardless of what has to be done or who has to be taken out.

Firran: The Firran are a nomadic and shamanistic people who hold the elements and personal strength in high regard. They believe that every life has a true purpose and there is a natural order to things, so they shun necromancers and consider the killing of other Firrans to be a horrendous crime.

Elves: All elves are warriors, similar to Spartan’s from real word history. They’ve got a strong martial tradition and are dedicated to avenging their fallen king, who died while helping them escape their homeland.

Nuian: Nuians are humans that have adopted their new name because they worship the goddess Nui. They are a conquering people who have great reverence for their home continent.


There will be ten skillsets to choose from that can be combined in groups of three to make over 100 different individual classes. Let’s take a look at those skillsets:

Primary Skillsets: Battlerage, Sorcery, Shadowplay, Occultism, Archery, and Vitalism

Support: Songcraft, Defense, Witchcraft, and Auramancy


Combat in ArcheAge is very interesting. There’s a huge of focus on world-changing PVP, where the world will be sculpted based on the actions of players, and on naval battles, where players can play as a pirate and travel around the oceans securing trade routes and controlling their fleets.

Aside from that, the combat system is developed to be very fluid and based around excecuting combos, as players will be able to move while casting their spells and combining them to create even more powerful versions of these spells.


There are 21 different crafting professions in the game and each one is very unique and offers its own strengths and weaknesses. Leveling up a crafting profession requires spending points, which are limited per player per day. Let’s see specifically what those professions are:

Alchemy - Making potions. Cooking - Making food. Weaponry - Making weapons from metal. Carpentry - Making furniture or wood weapons. Metalwork - Armor making. Leatherwork - Tanning hides and making leather products. Tailoring - Making cloth products. Masonry - Working with stones. Husbandry - Raising livestock. Farming - Planting and harvesting grains or vegetables. Commerce - Making trade packs. Machining - Making ships or vehicles. Construction - Building ships or structures. Handicrafts - Making instruments or decorations. Gathering - Harvesting herbs. Composition - Writing music. Logging - Harvesting trees. Larceny - Stealing crops or animals. Mining - Gathering metal. Fishing - Catching fish. Printing - Making books and music paper.

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